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Here are 4 of the more admirable business leaders of the 21st century. 

Link – Four inspirational leaders mental strength

In order to succeed in the realm of business, mental strength is essential. 

All of the most well-known leaders have amazing internal resources which enables them to get handle anything life throws at them. 




Access to the stress-and-resilience report.

“Resilience, as we know, is popular. This could be because resilience is seen as an answer to challenging problems, such as poor leadership, excess demand, constant bombardment of adverse events. it isn’t but people like to think it is because they are reluctant to tackle the underlying causes of the adversities they face – and, in any event, some of the adversities are too great for an individual to tackle.”

Improving Motivation Workbook – (click to access the link on the left) Improving Motivation.  An eternal question.  Please find a free workbook that may be useful.